City of Annapolis, Maryland (MD) Parking Guide

Annapolis Parking: 60 West St., Suite 106, Annapolis, MD 21401
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Premium Parking: 121 Cathedral St., Ste 2D, Annapolis, MD 21401

Parking Regulations



Residential Parking Regulations

Annapolis City Code Chapter 12.32 Special Residential Parking Districts

This permit is valid for one Fiscal Year from July 1st through June 30th. It will automatically expire if you move from that residential parking district.

Temporary Visitor Permits

A maximum of 10 single day permits may be purchased each month(are only valid for the specific month) and an additional 25 single day annual permits may be purchased each fiscal year(are only valid for the specific fiscal year) by the residents of the residential parking districts.

Purchase of a New Vehicle

  1. To avoid any unwanted citations, Please submit a copy of the new/updated registration to your local parking office immediately.

Permit for a temporary replacement vehicle

If your vehicle is temporarily out of service for repairs and you have a rental vehicle:

  1. Submit the rental agreement for the replacement vehicle, and
  2. Submit a work order from a repair shop.

A temporary permit will be issued free of charge for the time estimated by the repair shop.

Moving from one district to another

  1. Submit a new application & supply all necessary documents.

Moving out of the residential parking districts

Remove and return your permit when you no longer live in a residential parking district.

Your residential parking permit is not valid if you move from the parking district. Parking permits are not transferable between vehicles or vehicle owners.

In Case of a Phase 2 Snow Emergency

Your residential parking permit provides free parking on the City Dock surface lot during phase 2 snow emergencies. Streets cleared of vehicles aid in snow removal. Visit the City’s website at for up-to-date parking information during weather emergencies.

Posted signs provide information on parking restrictions, residential parking districts, and enforcement days and times.

for City Residents!

for City Residents!

The City of Annapolis is excited to offer City residents FREE PARKING for up to two hours per day at one of our four parking garages in downtown Annapolis.