City of Annapolis, Maryland (MD) Parking Guide

Annapolis Parking: 60 West St., Suite 106, Annapolis, MD 21401
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Premium Parking: 121 Cathedral St., Ste 2D, Annapolis, MD 21401

Residential Parking Permit Program District Maps 2017


Select Your District from the Map Below

All residents will be required to create new accounts in order to apply for their Annual Permits effective July 1, 2016. Residents will need to login to these new accounts in order to purchase all additional Annual Permits and Temporary Permits.

District 1

Bloomsbury Square
Calvert Street Bladen to St. John
College Avenue between St. John’s St and Hanover St
Cornhill Street
Cumberland Court
East Street
Fleet Street
Francis Street
Hanover Street
King George Street Randall to Wagner
Main Street (Building constructed before 1960, and ground floor commercial use, no on-site parking)
Martin Street
Maryland Avenue
North Street
Pinkney Street
Prince George Street
Randall Street
St. John’s Street Calvert to College
Wagner Street

District 2

Anne Lane
Cathedral Street Conduit St to South St
Charles Street
Compromise Street west side
Conduit Street
Duke of Gloucester Street
Franklin Street Cathedral to Shaw
Green Street
Main Street building constructed before 1960, and ground floor commercial use, no on-site parking
Market Street
Newman Street
Revell Street
Richards Lane
Shaw Street South to Franklin
Shipwright Street
St. Mary’s Street
South Street Shaw to 114 South
Union Street

District 3

Academy Street Amos Garrett to Archwood
Amos Garrett Blvd Academy to West (except MX zone)
Archwood Avenue Academy to Stehle
Brooke Avenue
Cheston Street
City Gate Lane
Colonial Avenue Murray to Steele
Constitution Avenue
Constitution Square
Dean Street
Franklin Street Cathedral to Spa Creek
German Street
Granville Avenue
Lafayette Avenue West to Monticello
Larkin Street
Monticello Avenue West to Stehle
Morris Street
Murray Avenue
North Acton Place
Shaw Street Lafayette to Franklin
Smith Avenue Chase to Amos Garrett
South Acton Place
Southgate Avenue
Steele Avenue
Stehle Street
Stewart Avenue
Taney Avenue
Thompson Street
Water Street
West Street Church Cir to Southgate Ave/Madison Pl, (building constructed before MX Zone, ground floor commercial use, no on-site parking)

District 4

Bates Street
Bertina Nick Way
Brewer Avenue
Clay Street West Washington to parcels 292 and 204
Hill Street
Jefferson Place
Madison Place
Monument Street
Munroe Court
Northwest Street
Pleasant Court
Pleasant Street
West Street north side from West Washington St to Madison Pl and south side from Church Cir to Madison Pl. (if built prior to MX Zone, ground floor use commercial, and no on-site parking)
West Washington Street

District 5

Annapolis Street Taylor to Melvin
Forbes Street Monterey to Giddings
Giddings Avenue Forbes to Tucker
Monterey Avenue Forbes to Tucker