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SP+ Begins Improved Residential Parking Enforcement

Annapolis, MD (7-5-16) Mayor Michael Pantelides announces that SP+, the city’s comprehensive parking firm, will begin more efficient parking enforcement on residential streets beginning on Monday, July 11, 2016.

SP+ will be utilizing new License Plate Recognition technology, which will be mounted on two enforcement vehicles and will allow for a more accurate reading of license plates on vehicles that have been parked illegally in a residential district. By mounting the technology on vehicles, enforcement officers can cover routes faster and more efficiently than they previously have on foot.

Residents have requested that the city impose stiffer penalties for individuals who park beyond permitted time limits in residential parking districts.  In the past the fine was $35.00 for each violation, but City Council adopted a new fine schedule and SP+ will be enforcing the schedule:

  • Fine for initial offense: $40.00 (Two times the daily maximum garage fee)
  • Second violation in a one year period: $70.00
  • Third violation in a one year period: $105.00
  • Fourth violation (or greater) in a one year period: $140.00

Mayor Pantelides asked SP+ to work with local business owners to ensure that employees have options for affordable parking and don’t rely on residential parking as an option.  SP+ is revitalizing a program that allows employees of local businesses to park at specific garages for $2 a day between certain hours.  SP+ is meeting with local business owners to tailor the program to best fit the needs of their employees.

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