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Warnings for Illegally Parking in Residential Areas Ends October 1 Escalating Fees in Effect

SP+, parking management firm for the City of Annapolis, reminds the public that all individuals who park illegally in residential areas will be ticketed, beginning Saturday October 1st. The escalating fees for illegally parking in residential areas will also go into effect October 1.

A nearly three month grace period, which ends October 1, was announced this summer allowing first time offenders to receive a warning rather than a ticket and allowed time to educate the public on the escalating fees, encouraging parking guests to explore alternative parking options.

“During the grace period, SP+ issued more than 400 written warnings for first time offenses,” said Jon Kemp, regional manager for SP+. “The goal of the warnings was to educate parking guests about the new fine schedule so they could avoid getting a ticket in the future. We encourage everyone to visit for convenient parking options across Annapolis.”

Beginning October 1st, the fine schedule enacted by the City Council in July goes into effect. That fine schedule includes the following changes:

  • Metered Parking: A $40 fine will be issued for staying past the maximum time allowed at a metered space. Each additional violation will result in a $40 fine.
  • Residential Parking: Fines will be increased on an escalating schedule starting at $40 and costing as much as $140:
    1. Fine for initial offense: $40.00 (Two times the daily maximum garage fee)
    2. Second violation in a one year period: $70.00
    3. Third violation in a one year period: $105.00
    4. Fourth violation (or greater) in a one year period: $140.00

SP+ is using new License Plate Recognition technology, which is mounted on two enforcement vehicles and will allow for a more accurate reading of license plates on vehicles that have been parked illegally in a residential district.

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